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Student filmmakers from Cuyahoga Community College, Film and Media Arts create quarantine dreams. With colleges across the country moving to fully online instruction, Tri-C's student club the, Digital Cinema Group, rallied the students to complete their films - with or without equipment - to keep their 18-year tradition of having a end-of-year student film festival. Presented for the first time online thanks to The Nightlight Cinema. Trailer edit by film student, Andre Benedict Malabanan.

Watch the movies - today is the last day to watch the films and vote for your pick for audience choice. The Screening is free! Screening extended through May 21st! Awards Program at7pm May 21st! Please consider a donation to the Nightlight Cinema to thank them for their support of student filmmakers!! 

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After watching, please feel free to click the link above, leave us a comment, and enter you choice for our Audience Choice Award. Voting runs now through Thursday May 21st with voting closing at 5pm.

The films presented here represent brand new work of students at the school of Film and Media Arts at Cuyahoga Community College. Since 2003, Tri-C's student club, The Digital Cinema Group, has been presenting an annual spring showcase of the newest films hot out of the oven! Many films shown here were completed after the Covid-19 shutdown, meaning that students could not meet in person or access the Tri-C equipment or studios at the Gill and Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts. They had to improvise ways to collaborate. From stop-motion animation, to documentary, to narrative and experimental we are happy to collaborate with the Nightlight Cinema to present this year's show and keep our annual tradition alive! So grab some snacks, settle into your favorite screening chair and enjoy the show! 

Our Judges

Thank you to our judges for watching all the films and selecting those that will receive awards and recognition

Crystle Paynther, Actress, Board Member, Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival

Andrew Spirk, Creative Director, Clockwork 9

Stephanie Wahome-Lassiter, Executive Director, Art of Me

Tavi-Lynn Goggans, Show Leader, Nightlight Cinema

Film Program

Private Screening Trailer 2020. Andre Malabanan
The Nightlight Cinema: Interview with Artistic Director, Brittany Dobish. Karen Carr
The first official trailer for the original series "The Coroner's Assistant."Trailer for The Coroner’s Assistant. Angeline Walsh, Giorgiana Lascu (Tri-C alum), Dagna Griffin (Tri-c alum), Katerina Zizis (Tri-C student)Nick Lemke (Tri-C alum)
Dream Match. Colleen Hopkins
The holiday season may be coming to a close, but the magic lingers for one member of the family. 
Tea Time a Homophone Stop Motion. Angeline Walsh
The Berea Community Learning Farm. Colleen Hopkins. 
A documentary about the Berea Community Learning Farm
Homophone Stop Motion. Marissa Roesch
Quarantine Diaries. Marissa Roesch.
Dialog Scene with Rhianna Teetzel and Cass Damiani
Keeping Up In Quarantine Abigail Preiszig, My family (Paul, Jessica, and Elizabeth Preiszig)
I was inspired by Keeping Up With the Kardashians to create a drama filled parody to the show within my own family.
Spare a Square. Holly Dolezal, Cam Kaglic, Deanna Farraj, Kara Hejnal.
A brief skit about the trying times of COVID-19.
Untitled. Kara Hejnal
It's hard to remember everything.
Turning Sixteen in the Age of Covid 19. Colleen Hopkins
A mother documents the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on the day-to-day life of her son.
The Secret Language of Flowers. Angeline Walsh. Crew: Karen Carr Actors: Giorgiana Lascu, Heather DeJesus, David, LeFaye
Give fake flowers -- because no one likes a gift that dies.
Trip. Erahlea Haidet. 
A double entendre
Momento Mori. Jordan Segura.
The animated portion of a documentary about three skeletons that do not have their death certificates.
Voices: Miriam Bennett, Steven L. Kosztya
Momento Mori To This Favour. Cameron Kaglic.
A film based on the painting Momento Mori "To This Favour" by William Michael Harnett in the Cleveland Museum of Art
The Argument. Cameron Kaglic, Annie Jankura.
A brother and a sister decide to catch up after the sister has been away, the conversation quickly turns into a heated argument about a sensitive subject. 
A Rose For Maria. Karen Carr. Composer: Gavin Hensley, Actors: Lex Daniels, Greg Best, Jordan Segura
In 1956, Arthur Foley, a white man, keeps his romance with Maria, an African American woman, a secret for his safety and for hers. One fateful night, they are discovered and Arthur is murdered. He meets an angel who gives Arthur the supernatural job of escorting other deceased to Heaven. Sixty years later, he is surprised to see Maria’s brother, Ernest, who's recently died but is having trouble moving on.
Daily Hustle. Martins Nwangwu
Actor: Andre Malabanan Crew: Melissa Robinson, Karen Carr
A young man showcasing his daily life activities
Mail’s Here. Greg Best. 
It is here it's finally here!
Actor: Christian Downing Crew: Max Rotatori
DOOM: A New Kind of Video Conferencing App. Siddu Navaneetha, Mohamed Aabi, Christopher Maertens, Colin Murphy
In the mirror universe, Doom is the leading video conferencing app, rivaling Skype and Discord before the Global Bat-Flu Pandemic of 2019-2020
Me, Myself, and I. Greg Best, Christian Downing, Decentae Rush. Starring Greg Best.
Things need to be fixed. It seems you can't take care of it yourself. I will do it for you like I always do.
Faded Diamond. Katerina Zisis, Max Rotatori, Kristina Rezek, Cody Steele, Anna Sternberg, Joe Bubis, Christain Downing, Greg Best.
Do diamonds truly last forever?
Synesthesia. Karen Carr. Andre Malabanan, Angeline Walsh, Cristina Avila, Starring: Shaun Miller, Heather DeJesus
A couple with two very different personalities cut ties.
The Anniversary. Martins Nwangwu, Melissa Robinson, Zach Barile, Jordan Segura
She finds out he's been cheating on her on their Anniversary.
Night Shift. Marissa Roesch. Starring Baylee Rathman
A lone security guard works the night shift.
Hunted in the Night. Siddu Navaneetha
A teen finds himself questioning his sanity while news surfaces of a masked killer at large in the area.
Sleep Well. Written and Directed by Zac Barile. Cinematography, Decentae Rush Composer, Gavin Hensley Crew: Holly Dolezal, Jacob O’Keefe, Greg Best, Akhil Hill, Karen Carr, Cristina Avila, Christian Downing, Andre Malabanan
A man suffering from insomnia is prescribed an experimental drug and begins to have nightmares involving his dead wife. Starring “Hank Fischer” - Jarred Laska,“Dr. Kennedy” - Greg Best, “Lilly Fischer” - Cristina Avila, “Detective Angelico” - Damien Gacsady
Staying at Home. Nicholas Manila
A reflective day at home during a global pandemic