Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We can’t say thanks enough for your donation to The Nightlight during our COVID-19 shutdown. Your gift has helped pay our staff, rent and other expenses and let us program and expand our online offerings.  

As a non-profit, independent cinema – we don’t make a profit; we just try to break even – donations are critical to us. During regular operations, tickets and concessions are two-thirds of our income. Until we can reopen, we must make up $3,000 a week -- $12,000 a month -- to close the gap of lost ticket sales and concessions. See this graph that shows daily how close we are to our monthly goal.

Even the smallest donations mean a lot. Donations show grant makers the importance and relevance of our presence in the community. Monthly donations are especially important. It’s money we can count on. To set up a monthly donation fill in the form, including how much you want to give monthly, and click on Monthly. Be sure to finish your donation by clicking Pay.
When you see Payment Successful, you’re done. It’s easy, and it’s all tax deductible.

Thanks to your generosity, we continue to provide films and other content via our Virtual Screening Room. We’ve also posted some free films on The Nightlight Film Society page, with intros by Nightlight founder Cory Sheldon – so be sure to check those out!We look forward to thanking you in person when The Nightlight reopens.